Regional newspaper publisher, Archant, and social media site,, say they have teamed up in order both to strengthen the rapport between Archant titles and their readers, and to provide increased opportunities for to increase the number of visitors to its site.

As part of the new arrangement, Archant titles will actively encourage readers to engage with to provide the site with items of local news interest. has established itself as a conglomerate of popular local platforms, each one being used for the submission of practical tips, points of view, and information on topics ranging from crime incidents to forthcoming events.

In looking to secure further data from readers of Archant’s local press titles, says it is not trying to supplant these titles as a source of local news, but, in the words of’s head of communities, Nina Whittaker, to provide a service which ‘complements’ the work of Archant titles:

“It’s the online equivalent of chatting over the garden fence.”

she explained.

The potential number of additional visitors to the site is very large, given that Archant currently boasts just under 5 million readers via its 60 newspapers, 200 digital media platforms, and 80 magazines.

Meanwhile, for its part, Archant says it believes the arrangement will boost the local profile of its titles.

According to the organisation’s group business development director, Serge Taborin, it will do this by:

“Enhancing our social media capability and enabling our audiences to interact with their local media and community, discuss issues of public interest in real-time, and add multimedia messages.”