Electronic games giant Nintendo has released its new combined games, internet and general entertainment console – the Wii U.

To date the console – which Nintendo and many external commentators regard as ground-breaking in terms of its quality and versatility – has only been launched in the US. There are however plans to launch the Wii U in the UK on 30th November.

The console operates via touchscreen controls, benefits from high-definition screen imaging, and – depending on the package purchased – facilitates video and gaming downloads totalling between eight and 32 GB.

Games available for the console as part of the US launch include new editions of Fifa 13, Batman Arkham City, and Assassin’s Creed III.

Commenting on his corporation’s new release, Reggie Fils-Aime, President and Chief Operating Officer of Nintendo of America, said:

“Wii U is an ‘everyday’ connected device – offering a combination of games, entertainment, online connectivity and social activity that will make people want to interact with it daily.”

The new device is viewed by many as an opportunity for Nintendo to try and regain the momentum it enjoyed when the original Wii launched back in 2006 – a success subsequently undermined somewhat by heavy competition in the gadget gaming market from tablets and smartphones – and in the motion control gaming sphere by both Kinect from Microsoft and PlayStation’s Move.

Certainly, there have already been reports of stock shortages at key US retail outlets, with many commentators anticipating similar high levels of demand when the device is released in the UK.