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Posted by Simon Wharton

We’re going to be live blogging the Think Visibility Conference in Leeds. Format will be more of a brain dump than anything structured. It is what is!

Tom Critchlow – Distilled
Google Local Tips and Tricks


Search for Hotel in London. Not a single organic listing above the fold.
Verified Listings
Single location, go into Google local and upload the vaious bits of data. Photos, opening hours etc. This is the best way if you have enough properties. Good control of data nad is trusted by Google.
When you are talking about many locations Nationwide: Bulk Upload whitelist using excel but these are slightly less trusted than manual upload

Worst approaches are not to claim your data. Data may be obtained by Google from Yelp or Trip Advisor

For multiple languages:
Think of hotels problems as they are relevant on multiple variants of Google (.uk, fr, .es etc):
Separate bulk uploads for each country
Use the country selection drop down in each country
Unique store code for each listing.
Solves 70% of the problems in Google.

Caps in description field (UNESCO or NATO) Google sees it as Spammy (Google local lags behind regular SEO)
Odd phone number formatting: try uploading small btaches of data so you can see what works for each country

Number of Reviews
Number of reviews is more important than quality! At the moment. Quality of website that holds the review is also important.
Qype and Yelp have relationships. Google is algorythmically pulling in reviews from 3rd parties. (microformats and rich data v useful)

Imagine a Venn Diagram. Big Circle which is links intersects with Mentions of brand which arent linked. Citations spans across all this this space?? Good number of citations is very useful. (lists, directories etc Big opportunity for PR)

Citation opportunities:
Competitor citations via Google

Distance to Centre
Google says it doesnt matter
It does matter
I guess this will change

Can add up to 5 categories
Use Keywords

Advanced Ranking Factors
User generated mentions (user generated maps?)
Citation Quality

Don’t spam the company name field. Google really cracking down on this Can be a negative ranking