Number One On The Google

PushON have been playing around with Viral Video, we’ve managed to achieve number one spot on Google for the fairly competitive term “Number one on the Google”*.

The idea behind this video was based on experience of charlatans & cowboys in the industry who promise to get you to ‘Number one on the Google‘ for a nominal fee.

self heating egg cosy

What term they get you there for doesn’t seem to matter… so they will quite happily report back that they got you to number one on the Google for the term “self heating egg cosy company in Budapest”.

It’s also a bit of an ‘in joke’ about peoples’ perceptions of what’s involved in making a website… we’re not loving ‘brochure ware’ or 90’s style spinning logos and scrolling text.

The viral video was a bit bitchy, you’ll either love it or hate it, and it’s not aimed at prospective clients; rather bloggers and people within the industry that may link to us.

*Correct at the time of writing… Google is a fickle whimsical beast.




Our legal people suggested that for accuracy and best representation of the sub topic ‘self heating egg cosy’; a Chicken/Egg related image would be more appropriate.

So here you go :

Chicken Babies
Thanks to vLegal for the feedback.

You can tell it’s Friday, can’t you!!