O2 claims strong public interest in its new mobile marketing arm

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UK mobile network company, O2, says that encouragingly large numbers of its subscribers have agreed to link up to its spin-off specialist mobile marketing service, ‘O2 More’.

The relatively new service, which is used solely to promote goods, services and special offers that O2 believes may be of interest to users, has reportedly attracted 23% of standard O2 network subscribers – a figure equating to over six million people.

O2 claims that the main reason behind the success of O2 More is the latter’s ability to target the right people.

The mobile operator is known to ask subscribers taking up its marketing service, what their tastes and preferences are. This information is then further supplemented by data already held on file regarding subscribers, including the geographical area in which the latter are based and – naturally – their telephone usage habits.

A recent example demonstrating the power of O2 More as a mobile marketing tool involved the dispatch of around 300,000 vouchers to some of the spin-off service’s subscribers, entitling them to a half-price coffee at Starbucks. The vouchers were eventually used by 14% of the recipients. In addition, after the campaign had ended, research showed that 93% of users claimed to have remembered seeing the original advertisement for the offer.

Given that other mobile operators enjoy similar access to subscriber data, many commentators have expressed surprise that so very few of these operators have followed O2’s example and launched their own mobile marketing service.