Simon and myself are both presenting tonight at different locations in Manchester.

Simon will be talking about the SEO Principles at Manchester Central Library at 5.30pm for Manchester Digital Development Agency (MDDA), and I’ll be talking to small business owners about Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing at 5.30pm at St Peters High, Levenshulme for Blue Orchid training.

I’ve added the presentation slides for both training courses for those who attend.

  • Ben

    I think you should have included in the PPC stuff that with the right business model, you can turn marketing from a cost centre to a profit centre. Its harder to do nowadays as people have cottoned on to it but its still possible. Where I used to work, they developed a campaign that is still their cash cow from 3-4 years ago. The money program did something on it

    Google UK’s David MacDonald says that for advertisers the system is “a magic money-making machine”, because of the measurable returns they get for what they pay Google.

  • Simon Wharton


    I think it applies to both PPC and organic search. You should expect to see a measurable Return on investment for your marketing spend. We use PPC mainly to drive relevant traffic, but we tend to see organic strategies as beeing so much more useful for additional issues such as brand management and defensive PR.

  • Ben

    Measuring the ROI for SEO is difficult because you don’t know how much of it would have happened anyway and the time for campaigns to mature is an unknown. With PPC you know within a day or two whether its going to make money.

    PPC is scalable, once you have the model right, you can make more money by just buying more clicks. You can’t say that about a SEO campaign (or most other forms of advertising).

    I just thought if I was presenting on PPC I would include a slide explicitly saying, “PPC is a magic money-money machine” That would make everyone sit up and listen.

  • Katrina Gallagher

    There’s space for both, and they have their own strengths.

    As Ben says – PPC is easy to set up, instant results, and if it’s working you can easily increase the amount of money you make by upping your budget… however it’s not for everyone, and sometimes it’s not cost effective. It’s important to determine whether it is a cash cow for your client, or whether you should suggest alternative options.

    Some of the Organic work we do, helps us identify areas of the site that just don’t work. So, often it’s a good idea to do both.

    Organic online marketing gives a slow release – it’s a long term investment, and often much more cost effective than paid marketing… But again, that’s not always what a client needs.

    I was careful to give examples of the benefits, but also the drawbacks. Time was one of the main things I asked people to think about.

    Have you got time to research the methods, set it up and nurture it?

    If not, you need the money to pay someone to look after it.

  • Ben

    I am not saying its PPC vs SEO in anyway. I make all my money from SEO and glad its an advertising channel.

    I was merely trying to say that if I was doing a presentation on PPC I would include a slide that says something along the lines of
    “PPC is a magic money-making machine” – its so catchy.

  • Katrina Gallagher

    I like your style!

    I would end up ruining the catchy-ness by adding the caveat of *as long as it’s managed properly*

    Hence, my career as a marketing copywriter was over before it started :-(

  • AlternativeMedicineSource

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