A new survey looking at the online activities of UK retailers has identified what many feel will be their main challenges and priorities in the online area in 2013.

The survey, conducted on behalf of search engine software provider, SLI Systems, revealed that for most online retailers – 60% of respondents – improving conversion levels was among their most pressing challenges.

Around 55% of those surveyed meanwhile said that enticing potential customers on to their website in the first place was also a major challenge.

The survey identified other challenges as being the ability to drive overseas sales (22% of respondents), and securing a more effective approach to logistics (18%).

The survey found that in terms of priorities for 2013, the most frequently stated goal among online retailers was to improve navigation for users of their site. A total of 22% of the respondents said that making such site search improvements was a top priority.

The next most popular priority was to bolster site presence on search engines using more effective search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques.

One portion of respondents – 17% – felt they needed to work on improving the SEO technique of embedding particular keywords in their site in order to help improve the chances of their site being ranked higher on organic search engine results pages.

Finally, 15% of those surveyed said that mobile commerce (m-commerce) would be a priority in the New Year – with the survey also revealing that only 35% of retailers currently have a dedicated m-commerce site, with 41% looking to create one in 2013.