PRX BuilderThe PRX Online PR tool, helps publishers build social media press releases in a format ready to be published.

This offers guidance for newcomers to PR, and helps produce articles in standard Press Release format – making it more likely to be published in full.
The PRX Online PR tool for WordPress is particularly useful for bloggers – where the line between blogging and Online PR is very thin.
Now Public

Additionally, Now Public which is a user generated news publishing site, offers seamless integration with WordPress. You can publish your article or press release to the Now Public site, and with a couple of settings in place, it will automatically add it to your WordPress blog with a link to view the original, and further images/media on the Now Public site.

So seamless in fact, that it would be quite easy to inadvertently publish a test article to your blog…

  • Thank you for mentioning the SimpleSMPR WordPress Plugin. I hope people find it useful and welcome comments and/or suggestions.

    I’d also like to point you to It’s a blog news aggregator that doesn’t require any plugins. FetchWire will pull news releases directly from any blog, including WordPress.

  • Katrina

    Thanks Shannon, sounds good, I’ll check that out.