A significant proportion of people in the UK would actively give permission for marketing messages to be sent to their mobile device, a new survey has revealed.

The survey, by mobile communications company Velti, found that as many as 45% would gladly opt in to receive such promotional communications, provided they could accept such messages on their own terms.

Communications from mobile network companies were identified as those most likely to be welcomed by mobile users, with 42.4% of respondents saying they would be prepared to sign up to receive messages from these advertisers.

25.6% of those surveyed, on the other hand, said they would prefer to receive messages from retailer, whilst 16.9% and 16.5% of respondents respectively said they would rather be sent communications from financial services companies and travel organisations.

The survey also found that the mobile device being used has a strong bearing on how prepared people are to receive marketing communications.

Email marketing communications on tablets, for example, were found to be more popular than messages sent to mobile phones.

Interestingly, and perhaps demonstrating the continuing strength of email marketing, 78.3% of respondents ranked promotional email messages received via tablet as equally preferable to promotional email messages received on their home computer.

The corresponding figure for those preferring promotional communications via mobile messaging was only 36.9%.

The survey findings, however, also reveal that limits exist to the power of mobile marketing, with respondents saying that on average they would only agree to marketing communications from a maximum of three companies.