A new survey has identified a significant degree of indifference towards mobile data capture among UK organisations and businesses; with only a minority revealed as taking a pro-active view towards exploiting the potential of such mobile data for m-commerce (mobile commerce) purposes.

The survey, by research specialists, Experian, found that of 300 UK organisations canvassed, just 8% said they made constructive use of data collected on mobile customers.

The survey further found that 40% of organisations admitted to not actually keeping hold of their mobile data in the first place.

In the opinion of Experian QAS’s managing director, Joel Curry, the irony of many organisations’ positions could be summed up as follows:

“Today, organisations will go to great lengths to validate an email or postal address using the latest technologies, yet many of these same companies will completely ignore a mobile number, despite the fact that solutions exist for authentication.”

he said.

The survey also revealed a lack of enthusiasm for the likely relevance of mobile phones in future client transactions; with just 11% of organisations surveyed saying that contact with customers via a mobile phone will become a priority; although this figure did rise to 14% among retail businesses.

Curry warned those organisations yet to engage fully with mobile use among their customers ultimately risked losing out financially. He said:

“With industry figures predicting that the market will grow by an average of 42% each year and be worth £2.5 billion by 2016 in the UK alone, these organisations are going to be ill-prepared to benefit from the m-commerce boom.”