We’ve all seen them; some of us have even been them: those flustered-looking parents rummaging through a pram-load of nappies, wipes, bottles and toys for the stuff to quiet a screaming baby.

Perhaps that’s why our work on the new PacaPod website in recent weeks has generated so much interest, with many in the PushON family staking their claim to a free sample.


PacaPod Sling Bag in Crimson

PacaPod is the kind of product that makes such intuitive sense you wonder why it doesn’t already exist – or, at any rate, why no one has done it so well. PacaPod is a baby changing bag with a difference. First up, it’s available in a great range of colours (black, crimson or ‘conker’) and styles: there’s a fashionable shoulder-bag, trendy satchel and versatile baby backpack or sling. Then there’s the separate feeder and changer modules (the ‘Pod’ bits) to keep all that baby stuff under control. You can even leave the pods at home and pinch one of these great-looking, functional bags for yourself.

It took a savvy businesswoman, experienced outdoor gear designer and mother of two in Jacqueline to see the opportunity and create these one-of-a-kind baby bags. And it took two of our most experienced web developers in Sam and Roy to deliver an all-new PacaPod website.

The new site provides an outstanding platform to develop the online marketing from PacaPod.

Get on over to PacaPod and check it out for yourself.

  • My youngest sister has 2 babies–yes, she should be one of those much-talked about baby boomers, I think:) I gave her a large tote bag for milk bottles and diapers but since there are 2 babes, everything always ends up mixed and mismatched. I think these cute PacaPods of yours are the answers to her problem. I just hope they’re not too expensive 😉

  • My wife used a bag with similar design like that and it is also a sling bag. She loved that bag so much because it can contain all our baby’s stuff. But I can’t deny that this one is more trendy and even more roomy.

  • Looks like a nice product. It isn’t bulky like many of the others.