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The Internet of Things & Eventbrite: 5 ways to improve event marketing – SASCon BETA 2014

Eventbrite now, discussing ways to host events for your clients and future campaigns. Rakhi Sinha runs us through her tips on event marketing. 1. Modern Email Marketing This is still important. Eventbrite are modernizing this into a Pinterest style grid to see how this improves click through rates. Have a call to action too, and… Continue reading

Online Reputation & The new social media teams – SASCon BETA 2014

Kev Strong is a head of search and discusses online reputation management for search. What is it, common threats, essential protection and expecting the unexpected? Google returns best results and doesn’t look at being positive or negative. Personal name searches can also effect a business, Google’s Omnibox/Autosuggest can cause problems, negative articles online and schema reviews. The Internet itself, like an elephant,… Continue reading

Silicon Prison – How Technology is building a sanitised society – SASCon BETA 2014

Silicon Prison: How Technology is Building a Sanitised Society  Barry Adams opens up with insight into the consumer and their subconscious mind. Highlighting that our subconscious mind makes the decision first. Our conscious mind claims credit after. In the world of marketing, the exposure by brands effects our preference before we are even aware. Every… Continue reading

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