A recent report claims users of mobile devices are more likely to respond to paid search campaigns than those surfing the web via desktop equipment.

The report, from specialist digital marketing technology company, Marin Software, says that while paid search advertising as a whole has continued to grow in the UK, it is mobile paid search which has provided the more positive results.

The report gives the example that more than twice as many smartphone users currently click on paid search listings than do desktop users – with rates standing at 5.67 per cent, compared with just 2.65 per cent for desktops.

The report further emphasises the potential investment value of moving towards mobile by revealing that in June this year, a 13 per cent share of paid search spent by advertisers on mobile devices resulted in a 20 per cent share of click-throughs by mobile users.

Investing in mobile paid search is also revealed as being more attractive from a monetary point of view, with the cost per click via smartphones standing at just 15p – compared with 35p for the equivalent desktop rate.

According to Marin Software’s managing director, Ed Stevenson, advertisers have been quick to catch on to the growing investment value of mobile paid search:

‘…marketers have reflected the consumer move towards tablet and mobile searches by shifting search budgets accordingly. This trend was noticeable globally, but was most prevalent in the UK,’ he said.

The report also points to relatively strong growth in the Eurozone paid search market, in spite of the recent Euro crisis.