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Win A Google Chromebook with #PushONPrizes

This month we’re beginning a new series of posts that we’re calling FocusON. Each month we’ll focus our posts on a different aspect of digital marketing, and we’re kicking off by talking about Pay Per Click advertising. To celebrate the launch of FocusON, we’re giving away a Google Chromebook to one lucky reader. Simply visit the… Continue reading

FocusON: An introduction to Pay Per Click Search Advertising

Pay per click (PPC) marketing is a catch-all term used to describe paid website promotion via a range of platforms, including search engines such as Google and Bing, social platforms such as Facebook, and advertising networks such as Google AdWords. Today we’ll be focussing on PPC search advertising, but we’ll be delving further into paid… Continue reading

New Clicks Feature in Google Analytics

While browsing through my client list in Google Analytics today I noticed a “new” (may have just gone un-noticed) feature. Under the Advertising-Campaigns navigation is a new heading which is called clicks (see below)   This new feature allows PPC advertisers to view Adwords data in Analytics such as spend, click through rate, average cost… Continue reading

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