Creating Pay Per Click Adverts

When you have a number of keywords in your ad group, sometimes it’s handy to use the keyword insertion method when creating your adverts.

This is where you use the text {keyword:default text} to pull in the keyword that a user types to triggers the advert.

This means you can highly relevant and targeted adverts without having to write individual adverts for every one of the keywords you’re bidding on.

Default Pay Per Click Advert Headline

You define your default text in the case where the user searches for a phrase that is too long to fit in your advert.  For example in one of the adverts I’m testing, I’ve used the text “Blue Ultimatt® Emulsion” as the alternative, so if someone types “where can I buy blue emulsion paint” it will display the following advert:

"Blue Ultimatt® Emulsion" Pay Per Click Advert

Pay Per Click Advert Keyword Insertion

However when you use the {keyword:default text} in your title or advert, and the text is not too long, it will show in the following format:

Blue Emulsion Paint Pay Per Click Advert

As you can see above, the text is all lower case… and not particularly inviting.

Capitalisation of keywords in your advert

What I found out today that was quite useful is that you can change the capitalisation of the keywords use in your advert, so you can display an advert like this instead:

"BLUE Emulsion Paint" Pay Per Click Advert

Table of PPC keyword capitalisation

I’ve added a table of capitalisation variations that you can use when writing your pay per click adverts here:

Capitals Example Description
keyword pay per click None
Keyword Pay per click Sentence(first letter of first word)
KeyWord Pay Per Click Initial(first letter of each word)
KEYWord PAY Per Click Entire first word and

First letter of each remaining word

KeyWORD Pay Per CLICK First letter of first word and

All letters of each remaining word

KEYWORD PAY PER CLICK All letters of all words*

* I wouldn’t advise all caps, unless you really want to shout!

When not to use automatic keyword insertion

There are no hard and fast rules for this, but consider the following:

  • If your competitors are all using the keyword insertion method for niche terms, you’re advert isn’t going to stand out one bit.  Check the actual results, and see whether your advert looks invitingly relevant or insipidly generic.
  • Are your keywords loosely grouped? If you’re trying to automate too much, you may be churning out adverts that may be relevant to the keywords used, but the landing page won’t match.
  • Are you bidding on your competitors brand names? if so, your advert may falsely imply that you’re selling their products.  This isn’t good karma, but more importantly, you’re unlikely to make a sale from someone who specifically wants a product you don’t sell.