As Pinterest continues to gain momentum in the battle to win social media users and advertisers, it has announced an upgrade that will excite marketers and make users’ interactions with the site easier.

New descriptive ‘pins’ from some brands, will now show relevant content, such as pricing or movie reviews, rather than only linking back to the brand’s website.

Pinterest has worked in partnership with a number of companies, including Sony, eBay, Netflix and ModCloth, to roll out the new content-laden pins. The information contained in the new pins will be dependent on which brand is posting them. For instance, a pin posted by Sony may potentially include product specification, dealer locations and pricing information; a Netflix pin could have a movie or TV show review and a cast list.

A representative from Pinterest said:

“[The] community will now see more useful Pins at first glance, rather than having to dig around or click to other websites.”

The change to some pins will offer brands an advertising opportunity that previously hadn’t existed within Pinterest. The new levels of detail allowed can give users far more detail than was previously available, meaning brands can pin specific details about products and not have users click away when they find themselves being navigated away from Pinterest.

The new descriptive pins could mean users spend more time on each page, which in turn would make it more attractive for advertisers seeking to gain a foothold in visual social media platforms.