Prestige brands shy away from social

PushON | May 30th 2013

As social media continues to infiltrate all aspects of corporate and personal life, it seems prestige brands are wary of marketing via social media channels.

According to Aston Martin’s Markus Kramer, social media marketing is at odds with the exclusivity normally associated with luxury brands.

At the recent Forrester Forum, Kramer explained that he feels social media is still an emerging tool within the luxury and prestige market and said this could be the reason for the fear among some luxury brand marketers. He said:

“I believe many companies are afraid of adopting new media too quickly. That’s because it means accessibility of information that you previously reserved for a select few people.”

He went on to explain his belief that social media marketing opens up brands to everyone and questioned whether some prestigious brands would be comfortable with that level of access. Kramer feels many luxury businesses have yet to decide if they are prepared to share information with online users beyond their normal exclusive customer base.

Aston Martin uses social media as an integral part of its PR campaigns and in pushing the recognition of brand. Kramer feels the company has strong awareness, allied with respect for the company that ensures brand loyalty. He further believes many other prestige brands lack the same support and understanding.

When considering other high-end brands, Kramer believes some companies, such as those which manufacture luxury watches, face a significant challenge when using social media. He warned marketers from these companies against using social and digital marketing simply because they feel they have to.