Pssst… BBC Sport. You may want to redirect your 2012 Olympics pages.

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Just a quick blog post this afternoon after I noticed the BBC Sport website has undergone a relaunch.

As you do (as an SEO) when a new popular site launches; I dug around a little bit to see what was working and what wasn’t, and came across the below.

They’ve migrated some of their URLs over to a new structure ( to, but they’ve not redirected some of their old content pages – most noticibly the ones for the Olympic Games which are happening this year.

BBC Sport Olympics in Google SERPs

The above shows the URL for ranking for “Olympics” searches in Google. The URL shown redirects to another (, which was seemingly the main URL being used for the Olympics content prior to the website relaunch. When visited, the URL shows the following:

Old BBC Sport Page

The relaunch has now moved the Olympics section to – however no redirects are currently in place to this.

They should probably look at sorting that, considering the Olympics is somewhat of an important news event this year.