Day 1 of PubCon was hampered by two key problems: A lack of organisation and having panels made up of people who may have some great knowledge but simply can’t present. One notable exception was Mel Carson, the Ad Centre Community manager for Microsoft. He’s a Brit as well so it was a good feeling to see us flying the flag over here. The demographic targetting that Microsoft is developing sounds really quite exciting. we’ll have to play when we get home. Our grumbles about a poor day were pretty much reflected in all we spoke to.

Day 2 started a lot better. The session on mobile and local search was excellent with Jake Baillie of TrueLocal being an outstanding speaker who communicated great information about how to really drive down your cost per acquisition via understanding your consumers locality. I tried his search engine out while he was talking and regretably, it doesn’t seem to understand non US terms. I tried doing a search using “Manchester UK” and it returned US Manchester based results.

Another good session was had in Keyword Selection. Dixon Jones of Receptional, another Englishman had a lot of good things to say and drilled in the discipline of ongoing analysis of your search terms.

We’re now trying to get some carbs into us as we’re suffering the results of the superb cocktails at the Bellagio last night. I thoroughly recommend the Cable Car as a simple but classic drink.

  • dan zarrella

    In the session’s i’ve been liveblogging I don’t think i’ve noticed any presenters who weren’t reasonably capable at it.

  • blog

    I agree, I found the first day of PubCon very disapointing but it’s picked up since. Day 2 was pretty informative and sparked lots of ideas for me. There are a lot of sessions where there are 4 speakers all covering the same topic and it’s a bit repetative.

  • Brian

    Jake Baillie of True Local was the best speaker I’ve heard thus far. The information was valuable and he kept it interesting. Unfortunately some of the speakers aren’t able to do this and even more unfortunate is that some of the speakers discussions didn’t seem to fit the topic.