A senior civil servant has claimed that the public sector is suffering from a lack of digital talent, as people become more used to using such services in their day to day lives.

It is an admission that many small business leaders are likely to recognise. However, as recruitment budgets are cut and jobs slashed, it seems hiring could be on the agenda to help satisfy the need; a development which has surprised some people.

According to his blog for the Government Digital Service, Mike Bracken said there is to be a recruitment drive for staff with “deep digital experience” that are able to “innovate” and provide “user focused” experiences.

Likely to be the first in a series of such recruitment campaigns, it is hoped the scarcity of such staff in all areas of government will be addressed sooner rather than later.

There has already been much investment in training existing members of staff, but leaders in the field are still lacking. Despite the recruitment drive surprising many people, Bracken says it is a decision likely to pay for itself in the end.

The government’s executive director for digital, appointed in early 2011, went on to say the:

“digital generation can transform public services (to meet) user demand.”

Though tough times do call for tough decisions to be taken, SMEs too could benefit from investing in digital services and internet marketing. More user friendly and requiring fewer overheads than traditional methods of commerce, it could provide an extremely cost effective channel in many areas.