SAScon Live

Advanced PPC Techniques – Peter Cobley, Homejames, Ben wightman, Latitude and laurent boninfante, acquisio

So some outstanding advanced PPC tips being dished out at SAScon this year which should help everyone in developing their paid search thinking.

We had Larent Boninfante, the MD at Acquisio, who was looking at the process behind the beginnings of a PPC campaign. The approach was focused around five key points…

Benchmark – this is key to understanding your performance and being able to develop aenvelop lev your paid search activity.

Timing – it was discussed how vital this is in ensuring maximum performance through your key trading times so essentially emphasising how important it is to have solid data upon which to base optimisation decisions on before you getho the peaks of trading.

Strategy – and the key here was to develop the tactics to feed into your strategy in order to support your overall objectives.

Test – there were clear rule outlined here and the key was to always follow a linear process this enables you to clear identify what has worked. Make sure you leave it long enough to get enough data too and do not get distracted, if you start it then see it through.

Scale – Once you have followed these stages and have a fully functioning PPC campaign then it is time to scale it up. This is done with theintegration andusage of technology to allow it to be continuously built upon as any evolving PPC account should be.