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Embracing enhanced campaigns – jon myers, Marin and elroy condor, stickyeyes, chris johnson, google


Enhanced Campaigns - SAScon

Enhanced campaigns were initially explained as making things simpler in PPC but it was met with a negative reaction, including a petition launched in Germany to have it over turned. All campaigns need to be enhanced by July 22nd with a new structure in place for all devices and campaigns (confirmed by Chris Johnson from Google).

70% of campaigns in the north west are enhanced currently

Q&A Session with Chris & Elroy

Why the change?

The aim is to target users in different contexts better rather than targeting the devices. When Adwords was launched, very few people, if anyone, had Internet access on their phone. Users have different intent depending on their device and location, as well as being at different stages in the buying cycle and so you will be able to adjust your bids accordingly. Although merging the campaigns is a pain, it will ultimately make management easier

Are you using the google recommended bids?

Elroy – we did initially but we have had to adjust this as time has gone on in order to meet conversion targets. We have calculated the mobile bids as a percentage of desktop spend.

Who has changed to enhanced campaigns?

A lot of larger agencies who have Google account managers have been the leaders in the change. Using the recommended bids is a good starting point for smaller agencies or companies to work out where their bids should be.

How are you managing mobile adjustments with increased CPC?

Sticky Eyes are using an Excel spreadsheet to monitor which terms they have changed bids onto work out the bid adjustments for mobile.

What will the impact of forced enhanced campaigns be?

Google do not currently have data to hand on this, however, this may expedite the closing of the gap between mobile and desktop bids.

What will the mobile bids be for forced enhanced campaigns?

Unsure whether it will be the same as desktop or not, but it is expected that for the first month bids will be over inflated but will quickly come back down as people monitor their costs. It is unlikely that this will cause people to stop using Adwords.

How will this impact the quality score?

There will be a separate quality score for mobile ads but if you won’t be ready for mobile bid optimisation by July 22, you can lower bid to -100% to opt out.

Display URLs for desktop and mobile

Search for mobile track value add. You will be able to set dynamic URLs differently for mobile and desktop devices.

How will we be able to deal with different devices spiking in traffic at different times?

You can’t! Because you are targeting the user rather than the device. Tablets tend to be used at the same time as laptops so this is why you can’t split tablet out. Devices are merging with touchscreen laptops etc. and tablets are not just owned by wealthier customers anymore.

What is the feedback given the negative PPC Hero article?

Generally really positive. The more extensions and features that you use, the better the returns will be. The PPC Hero article is the only negative feedback Google have had and they would like to look at their setup. You need to monitor and adjust your campaigns regularly. It is still early days to say the real impact of the changes and new extensions.

What are the pitfalls you have seen so far?

Automated bids are fine but you need to monitor it yourself to get the real benefits. Currently Adwords Editor doesn’t support enhanced campaigns but the new update will. The extensions mean that you can’t include phone numbers in ad text anymore. This will ultimately be beneficial but ads need to be updated. There is no longer a charge for desktop users to use the number in the ad. The scheduling interface is not as friendly as it could be. There are also only 6 scheduling slots available.

Will G+ demographic data be used as a bid multiplier?

No current plans but it is a good idea! The more user data you can use in your campaigns the better.