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PushON at SAScon 2013 – Day 2: Delivering insights



In the online world everyone and everything is online

It all begins with insight

Customers are fed up of Retweet to win and brainless campaigns 

Budgets on social media rising by over 20% over the next five years

Poor content on the Internet will not engage and will lead to no ROI

Social media is more than big data

Big data will never fill the gap of talking to a real person and gaining customer insight.

On social media you show what you want people to see

Maybe we should start talking to people again?

Social Media Process

Tools for measurement



Adobe Marketing Cloud



Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The Main Question

What do you want to achieve from social media?

Have clearly defined goals of what you want


Sean Walsh, Head Of Social Media at Blue Claw


How to get Social Media Insights on a budget

What Is Social Media Insight?

What does your audience care about? Do they care about what you are going to do?

Insight will let you know what people care about and what they want.

Insight helps a job become more efficient, better and cheaper

Finding Insight on a budget

Forums are an amazing source for content and conversation ideas, Go to industry forums and check by replies. – free tools to analyse your social media channels to extract data. Gives specific and tailored data for your needs, also links to related data.

Social Bro – free tool to manage & refine your strategy 

Topsy – free metric measure tool & great way to find links


How should I display insight for clients?

Be simple with your quantitative insights, don’t confuse a client show data in a simple easy to understand way. Be succinct with you qualitative insights, give one slide or so of data, less is more.

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