Integrating search and social with the wider marketing mix: Speakers include Andy Betts, Judith Lewis, Jon Myers and Andrew warren payne.

Andrew Warren Payne – Research team for Econsultancy –

The State of Search Marketing: Integration, Social and mobile – Live June 19th

3 Themes – Content, Social and Mobile

Content –

52% of agencies offer a full range of services.

“64% of marketers thought content marketing was becoming its own discipline like SEO or email marketing”

Social – Part of content marketing and increased part of search.

Big increase in the amount of money being spent on youtube and linkedin advertising.

68% (2012) 63% (2013) dont understand the impact of Google + on search results.

Mobile – 

Seen a positive response to mobile enhanced campaigns from companies and agencies.

Just under half (40%) of agencies say they use social as part of their search campaigns.

‘Integration is the way forward’


Jon Myers (@JonDMyers)

Smartphone are hard to measure for conversion rates.

The 3 layers of Data Technology –

  1. Analytics/Tracking
  2. Attribution
  3. Optimisation Platforms

Social –

What was the success? How did it do?

Big data needs to be used to show success, with many tools available to use.

Facebook impacts 15% of conversions.

Search plays a role at all levels impacting on direct sales, awareness, information, leads, brand building and retention.

67% of all media spend will result in people being driven to online search results.

62% of brands see tangible benefits from integrating search with the wider media mix.

‘Treat search as a tool but look at the bigger picture’


Juddith Lewis (@JudithLewis)

Important to integrate search into your marketing mix.

Don’t just focus on one channel, multiple channels are important on conversions.

Integration engages the whole brain.

Brain Engagement

‘Dance Pony Dance’ – Perfect example of Integrated campaign.

Be sure to look right across the board and not last click when using integrated campaign.

‘Spamming Search Results is wrong!”… ‘Honest’

‘Don’t pay for reviews… thats illegal’ 

Survey of UK poppulation showing integration is key:

Integration is Key

Key Takeaways:

  1. Use content as a catalyst
  2. Understand the role of attribution
  3. Build converged Media Metrics
  4. Know your audience and target accordingly
  5. Differentiate between strategy and tactics
  6. build your cross channel digital channels
  7. Optimise channels and Optimise talent