increasing site engagement: Lee duddell from whatusersdo & Panel


Presentation from Lee Duddell, MD of WhatUsersDo – a company who deliver online user testing

Shown a few amusing examples of bad user experience in the buying process – users unable to locate sections of site or operate it

Appliances online increased conversions by 9.5% just by observing users “ripped up their development plan”

There is an issue of companies basing design decisions on hunches and guess work rather than involving users

Often cited stat from google, that 67% of users start on a smartphone and finish in a computer

Users move to desktop because they want the full site experience, feel like they are missing something on a simplified version of a website

Interesting fact – Germans actually read the T&Cs and About Us pages, they really care

Suggestions to increase site engagement:
– watching users on your live site
– watch users journey through the whole search process

Stop guessing about why users leave your website – find out why

Panel discussing examples of good and bad sites in terms of usability, and which work well

Amazon a good example of a lot of user testing and constantly improving their design and process. Appearance may be cluttered but usability is good. Great app. Everything they do is geared towards the consumer

With the way search is going, previous conflict between SEO and design is now gone, as user experience is directed related to conversions – which is the whole point of the site!