It’s been a busy old start to the year and with new members joining the team we have decided to expand our office space. Our web development team will be situated in our newly acquired canal boat office. The boat will remain moured for the majority of the year but will continue to be a fully functioning boat so that we can enjoy the odd trip or two.

pushon canal boat

It had become difficult to find suitable office space in the area as the team wanted something a little quirky. Well it doesn’t get much quirkier than a canal boat. The boat is still under renovation however it is set to house the customary PushON equipment such as a PS3, comfy sofas and a flat screen TV. Some areas are already complete, with each employee having their own individual desk.

We can’t wait to show our friends and clients the new office space that should be fully refurbished by next month. Keep an eye out for us in the canals of Manchester.

  • cool, right outside of my office window! 😉

  • Its quite a mobile environment which we believe lends itself sesnitively to many cities with an industrial heritage. We refer to it as “Wet desking”

  • damn, I really wish I got that job with you now

  • ah, was posted on april 1st

  • Tracey Drain

    Haha “wet desking” – love it!!

    Nice photoshopping, PushOn!!

  • JoeyJoeJoe

    Looks a little more like wet photoshopping than wet desking.

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