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ionSearch – Let Me Tell You A Story

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin. Let me tell you a story. However unlike other stories you have read, or been told, this one will not contain any lions, witches or wardrobes. I shall not weave tapestries with my words of knights in shining armour or dragons that must be slain. Which I… Continue reading

Socialising your event

Welcome to How to Socialise your Event, from PushOn and Pro.manchester. We will be live blogging the event in three main sections, bullet pointing the key elements. First up is Simon Wharton of PushOn with a quick intro: “Welcome to the event and thank you to pro.manchester for facilitating this. If you have a tablet… Continue reading

The SASCon and Pro Manchester Quarterly

SAScon, always giving! And next week, some of the team behind Europes leading expert online marketing conference will be delivering the first of a series of quarterly briefings to the Professional Services sector in conjunction with the lovely people at Pro Manchester. The first of these briefings will address the legal sector. We will be looking… Continue reading

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