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Silicon Prison – How Technology is building a sanitised society – SASCon BETA 2014

Silicon Prison: How Technology is Building a Sanitised Society  Barry Adams opens up with insight into the consumer and their subconscious mind. Highlighting that our subconscious mind makes the decision first. Our conscious mind claims credit after. In the world of marketing, the exposure by brands effects our preference before we are even aware. Every… Continue reading

Matmi – SASCon BETA 2014

How many banner adverts do people actually click on? How many ads register with the average person? Jeff Coghlan opens SAScon Beta with a talk about his early experiences with Matmi and the changing nature of game design, as well as his early experiences with online advertising. Jeff runs through his early work with Comic… Continue reading

PushON at SASCon BETA 2014 – Live Blogs

FOLLOW OUR LIVE BLOGS BELOW: 09.30 – 10.30 Matmi - Jeff Coghlan, CTO and Founder of Matmi   10.30 – 11.30 Optimise for the future, not just today & SGO (Social Good Optimisation) - Richard Falconer & Matt Haworth   Silicon Prison: How Technology is building a sanitised society - BARRY ADAMS, Founder at Polemic Digital, Editor at State of Digital   11.45… Continue reading

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