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Digital RoundUP 24/06/2013

DuckDuckGo reaches 3 million daily searches Last week saw DuckDuckGo pass 2 million daily searches, and this week once again DuckDuckGo has passed another milestone. DuckDuckGo tweeted on the 18th of June about its latest milestone, reaching more than 3 million direct searches in a single day. It took 1445 days to get 1M searches, 483 days to… Continue reading

FocusON – My New Chromebook: Has it changed my life?

Thanks to the lovely people at PushON, I’m the lucky winner of a Chromebook. I’ve had my eye on the platform for a little while, and have been curious to give one a try. The problem? I’m a Mac. I’ve been one since the 80s. I’ve used PCs in that time (at work, under sufferance),… Continue reading

PushON at SAScon 2013 – Day 2: Delivering insights

DELIVERING INSIGHTS FROM SOCIAL MEDIA: SPEAKERS INCLUDE KRISTAL IRELAND AND SEAN WALSH   In the online world everyone and everything is online It all begins with insight Customers are fed up of Retweet to win and brainless campaigns  Budgets on social media rising by over 20% over the next five years Poor content on the… Continue reading

PushON at SAScon 2013 – Day 2: Integrating Search and Social Media

Integrating search and social with the wider marketing mix: Speakers include Andy Betts, Judith Lewis, Jon Myers and Andrew warren payne. Andrew Warren Payne - Research team for Econsultancy – The State of Search Marketing: Integration, Social and mobile – Live June 19th 3 Themes – Content, Social and Mobile Content – 52% of agencies offer… Continue reading

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