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Melbourne are ten

Melbourne are a hosting company that we work with and they are turning ten.  In the runup to their birthday, they’ve been posting a series of blogs titled ‘When I was ten‘ where staff talk about themselves when they were ten. The Twitter hashtag of the same name seems to have also gained momentum with people talking about their youths.

It was a nice little surprise to have Bubbles the Melbourne clown come round to our office. He delivered us part of a city wide pass the parcel in which we received a Martini Mug. Cheers guys. *Brews up and fights over the new mug*

On top of this, I believe they are having a party tomorrow, no doubt there will be jelly and ice cream. Happy Birthday Melbourne!

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  • sarah

    What a nice way to celebrate being 10 by re-living childhood memories. Jelly and ice cream, that takes me back..!

  • SEO Agency

    Melbourne is one the best hosting companies. I read those series of blogs. It was interesting to read them)