PushON Online Marketing - Front Door

We’ve now settled in to our new offices in the centre of Manchester.

The new PushON office is in the Box Works, an Urban Splash development in Castlefield, so we’re strolling distance from the canal, and some fab bars in Castlefield and Deansgate.

PushON Online Marketing - Chill Out

PushON Online Marketing - Garden

We’re also closer to a few of the inspirational Manchester based Marketing Agencies.

Urban Splash have some interesting ideas on design, so we’ve been getting used to the layout which includes a fully functional kitchen neatly disguised within a cupboard.

Virtuaffinity which is the sister company of PushON, and specialises in accessible web design, are also now based in the Box Works.

It’s been the best time to move in, as we’re enjoying the summer in a beautiful location, and so far, other benefits we have seen since moving to the Central Manchester office have been development of music taste, proximity to drinking holes and an increase in insult based humour.

Notice, in true geek style the high monitor-to-person ratio…PushON Online Marketing - Monitor Fest

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    Looks fantastic