At long last, we have our video live. We’ve tested it here and there and had some positive results, which is nice.

Search Engine Marketing Video

This is not just about making a video, it’s about understanding how to make, target, deliver and get results from a viral video. As the project moves along, we’ll be sharing the plan and what we learn from it. The intention is to update the blog on a daily basis as we complete each element of the delivery. However, no doubt mundane things will get in the way occasionally.

So what can I say about the release of the viral video today?

On Set at the shooting of Number one on the GoogleThe most important discussion have been about hosting the video, as mentioned in a previous post, we decided to host off our site using YouTube. That opened up a lot of opportunities for tagging and joining in groups. We can use that to take the content direct into interested parties as opposed to relying just on search. However, it made us think about language and what might be considered naughty in different cultures. The script uses an element of coarse language. It’s appropriate, it’s funny and it fits in with our “voice” as a business. It certainly isn’t intended as a corporate pitch. However there were two main questions that came up:

  1. Would the YouTube review process mark the video as “adult” or in some way require an indication of consent from the viewer?
  2. Would that be a bad thing?
  3. Would the American audience understand some of the colloquial language we use?

The censorship issue is less important, we decided, as we can switch hosting pretty quickly. Our marketing efforts are going to be focussed on a page on the site in which the video is embedded. The language issue gave us more thought. I think when we are doing this for other clients, we will really have to consider the range of the audience a little more. In this case, I think it works rather well. It is particularly English and that works from a humour point of view. Maybe you’ll tell us different.