PushON Staff Now On Google Street View

Posted by Sam Rutley

In October 2008 I wrote an article about Google Street View coming to the UK when I saw the Google car on the way to work.

Since then Google launched a limited version of Street View (in early 2009) and last week it rolled out Street View for the whole of the UK (well, 95%).

Street View still remains deeply controversial, with privacy groups concerned about the ‘intrusion’ from Google. An article by the Telegraph cites a recent survey which revealed that 24% of people (of the 11 thought the service was nothing more than “a service for burglars”.

When Google released the latest imagery I was interested to see if it would have captured me as I had seen the car. Unfortunately it’s only my back, but I am on Street View!

Tom has also found himself chasing the Google car:

These guys in scuba gear chasing the Google car were obviously prepared… not sure why they have an umbrella by their deckchairs though…

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