The first sign that I’ve spent too long in the world of online marketing is that I’m sitting here agonising over which of the following openers will generate the highest conversion: “Hi”, “Hello” or “Greetings”.

“Hi” fits well in a blog which I’ve classified as “informal informative”, but may be a turn-off for the more serious-minded client. “Greetings”, on the other hand, has limited appeal outside of science-fiction enthusiasts. Ideally, I would test several variations on a range of segments and even consider targeting each of you with a personalised message.

But we’re a small agency, and where our larger cousins might devote a team of creatives, copy-writers and analysts to such important questions, I’ll simply compromise with “Hello”.

I’m Dan. I’ve arrived in Manchester from Australia, where for the past few years I’ve been marketing in-house at a large customer insights agency with the likes of Jeff Richardson, James Duthie and Lucio Ribeiro (who will now dutifully link back to the PushON blog, thereby ensuring we are Number One on the Google within the week).

I think of my approach as customer relationship marketing with a healthy dose of analysis. The analyst in me tracks customers through acquisition, conversion and retention, hunting at each stage for opportunities to increase the flow. Meanwhile, my ‘experience architect’ side enjoys tweaking sites to improve usability and simplicity.

I’m delighted to have joined PushON in my first UK marketing role, and am particularly excited to develop my technical skills around web development and SEO. Kat, Simon and Co. have obliged by making me feel very welcome, while kindly throwing me in at the deep end.

I’ve already met some of you, and look forward to widening my small circle over coming weeks and months. If you just can’t wait, beat the rush on Twitter @danlukas.

  • James Duthie

    Congrats on the new role Dan. But I’m not giving you a link until you buy me that damn beer…