A top research organisation’s claim that Facebook achieved 1 trillion page views in June has been disputed by a rival research organisation’s findings.

The social media site’s trillionth page view achievement was among the findings by research organisation Doubleclick as part of its regularly released industry update.

However, whilst both DoubleClick and its rival, comScore, agree that Facebook did indeed secure the highest number of page views in June, comScore claims that the figure was 457.4 billion rather than a trillion.

The reason behind the disparity is not clear, although it is suggested that differences in the research methods of DoubleClick and comScore may hint at a possible explanation.

comScore data, for example, tracks activity from over a million domains, and also extrapolates representative data from a panel of around 2 million internet users worldwide.

DoubleClick, on the other hand, which is owned by Google, in the main restricts its analysis to data supplied via both Google Analytics and the monitoring of surfing activity through Google applications such as Google Toolbar. DoubleClick supplements this with market research commissioned from other organisations rather than relying on its own user panel.

comStore, it is noted, is also always insistent on striving to eliminate any data from the results of automated web searching activity via bots or spiders in its findings.

Aside from taking the wind out of Facebook’s sails, however, the debate could be classed as academic, given that comStore’s own figures still place Google way behind Facebook in second place with 268.7 billion page views for June.