I will start with an infographic, mainly because I love them but also because this infographic helps demonstrate the raw power of Linkedin. With over 70 million users in over 200 countries it’s hard to ignore.

source: Hubspot

So if like many, you are underutilizing your Linkedin profile, here are some quick fire tips to boost your profile and promote your business.

Optimise Your Profile

You should treat your Linkedin page a bit like a landing page and optimize it for search. You will want to try and related keywords within your profile copy and add links to your website. Linkedin allows you to add three links to your profile. You should optimize the display text and make sure you make use of all three-link opportunities. Finally you should ensure that you provide a complete profile.

Test Linkedin Advertising

I have yet to see a truly successful Linkedin advertising campaign (If you know of any drop us a comment) however its potential is clear to see. The targeting features are reasonably good and you can achieve some good brand exposure for your company. For some campaigns it is worth testing.

Join and Contribute to Groups

Obvious yet extremely powerful. Linkedin is full of extremely active groups, which share knowledge and insights on a range of topics and industries. The Manchester SEO group is a prime example of this. This approach helps get your name out there and lets you speak directly to your peers and colleagues.

Share Your Blog Feed

Very simple to setup and helps show that you know what you are talking about. Linkedin can drive steady volumes of traffic to your blog and help create awareness. There are also some other great applications you can add to your profile through Linkedin.

Ask for Recommendations

This can be a great way to attract more clients. Linkedin has this great feature that allows others to write recommendations. This can help show potential clients that your work is well received amongst your peers and other clients. You should ask for recommendations where appropriate.

Promote Your Profile

To expand your Linkedin marketing efforts you will need to promote your profile elsewhere. There are some really quick and easy ways to do this. These include adding links to your profile in your email signatures and to your website/blog. Other good places include business cards and forum signatures.

These are some of the ways you can help build your presence on Linkedin. I find it to be a really useful networking tool and particularly enjoy some of the topics on the SEO related groups. If you have any tips you think we have missed please feel free to share them in our comments section.