I write this as a thought on whether people would find horse racing syndicates a good blog topic. I’m talking to a company called Broadway Horse Racing Syndicate. I think that the development of young blood stock from purchase to racing would be fascinating to its’ audience. It’s that kind of back story that blog and RSS would facilitate.

 I shall ponder.

  • http://jclouting.blogspot.com Jamie

    It’s an interesting idea. Like sponsoring a penguin at the zoo and getting birthday cards from it!! Instead you could follow the day-to-day life of a racehorse in training, and keep up-to-date with its every move via RSS… it’d be like watching neighbours for horses!

  • Roy Wilding

    I’m sure there is a large community of race followers, tipsters and people who like a serious flutter that would certainly enjoy following a blog such as this.

  • http://www.carryonracing.com carryonracing

    Not a bad idea. We are based in Scotland and do things slightly differently. Check us out at http://www.carryonracing.com for more information on how you can get involved in a different way.