Rav Wilding VS Jimmy Carr on Twitter

This week, comedian Jimmy Carr was taken to task by television personality Rav Wilding for tweeting a joke about airline disasters on the tenth anniversary of 9/11.

Carr tweeted: “Sept 11th Date of terrible air disaster. When Eastern Airlines Flt 212 crashed in 1974. Killing 69. No one will forget that in a hurry.”

The quip was cheap, offensive and crude, according to Crimewatch presenter Wilding, a regular on Big Brother’s Little Brother and former boyfriend of reality TV star Chantelle Houghton. He claimed Carr’s tweet was in “seriously bad taste”.

Jimmy Carr is a comic who is quite obviously prepared to push the boundaries of taste for the purposes of a joke. This information can be gleaned from a televisual omnipresence that makes even Adrian Chiles look picky. What’s more, it’s fair to assume that Carr’s 1.3 million Twitter followers choose to follow his account because they quite like what he does. Wilding, who regularly appears on The One Show to tell Middle England about the dangers of things like counterfeit ham, must have known what to expect from Carr when he clicked ‘Follow’.

So what exactly was Wilding mad about? That joke is a lot of things, but unexpected isn’t one of them. In fact, in 2009, Carr was involved in another joke spat, this time over a gag regarding British soldiers. Wilding, who served in the Army before appearing as a ‘dunk-tester’ on Get Your Own Back, did not publically speak out then. Although, in his defence, he may have been busy training for Strictly.

(Wilding no longer follows Carr. He does follow Piers Morgan; a man known for his sterling PR work for the British Army.)

  • groovegenerator

    I read that as Roy Wilding for a bit. Then I knew something was wrong.

  • I read that as Roy Wilding for a bit. Then I knew something was wrong.