An influential new report on advertising expenditure in the UK has forecast that whilst investment in some media areas is likely to fall next year, spending on digital advertising platforms is almost certain to increase.

The report, by Group M, entitled ‘This Year. Next Year: UK Media and Marketing Forecasts’, estimates that investment in digital advertising will grow from around £5.3 billion in 2012 to £6 billion in 2013, a rise of 11%.

In contrast, the report predicts that over the same period expenditure on advertising in regional newspapers, for example, will have fallen by 11%.

The strong growth in smartphone use is one of the factors cited by the report’s authors as likely to influence the growth in digital advertising, with strategies such as paid mobile search engine optimisation, pay per click, and targeted audience campaigns, likely to become an increasingly essential component of advertising campaigns.

Commenting on the report’s findings, futures director for Group M, Adam Smith, said:

“Digital spending growth already represents a quarter of the entire UK marketing economy, and it continues to grow.”

Again highlighting the important significance of the growing use of mobile devices, Smith pointed to the ways in which the unique physical characteristics of these devices were also steadily influencing consumer behaviour:

“Mobile devices are also fuelling second-screen usage, which is another digital revolution in the making: versatile, universal and ergonomic.”

Elsewhere, the report predicted that Olympic Games will be viewed has having been less beneficial to advertising than it had for public relations and marketing campaigns.