A new report has forecast substantial growth in mobile commerce for 13 key European countries this year; with the UK expected to lead the way in terms of total consumer spend.

The report, by online retail specialists, Kelkoo, in conjunction with the Centre for Retail Research, predicts that throughout thirteen European countries surveyed, 2012 will see a total of £12.4 billion spent on goods and services via online mobile devices.

This predicted spend contrasts with last year’s figure of £7.7 billion; and with a £2 billion spend in 2010.

In the UK alone, total consumer outlay on mobile commerce is expected to reach £4.5 billion in 2012; a rise of 53% on the previous year, and the largest predicted amount among all the countries analysed.

The four other largest spending countries, according to the report, will be: Germany, with a predicted £2.7 billion outlay – or, an annual increase of 67%; France, with £1.9 billion – a rise of 71%; Sweden, with £550 million – an increase of 52.6%; and Italy, with £530 million – equivalent to a 65% rise.

Significantly, the report predicts that mobile commerce’s share of all on-line sales will also increase; from 4.3 in 2011 and 1.4% in 2010, to 6.1% in the coming year.

The report says that one of the main factors encouraging this anticipated growth in mobile commerce is the increasing penetration of smartphones among European populations.

There are, according to the report, currently 122.8 million smartphone devices in use within the countries surveyed; representing a market share of 38%.