A growing number of UK citizens consider the Internet to be a dependable mine of vital information on a wide range of topics – a new report has revealed.

According to the report – by shopping advice site, Smart Shoppers UK – 32 per cent of respondents surveyed said they currently use the Internet as a source of advice on areas ranging from health to finance.

Moreover, 36 per cent said they felt the advice received over the Internet was at least as trustworthy – perhaps more so – than advice passed on via other people.

Regarding one specific area, the report revealed that 26 per cent of those surveyed found the Internet the best source for advice on ways to save money – and that in 2011, an estimated £3.4bn was saved by UK citizens as a result of such money-saving advice received over the web.

Commenting on the report – which was based on a survey of 1,064 adults – Smart Shoppers UK’s Head of Community, Matthew Betes, said that it supported his organisation’s own experiences:

“We know from our own online community, which is dominated by savvy mums, that women who are juggling a hectic schedule as well as the family’s finances are an excellent source of money saving advice. This could be anything from where to find the best deals to how to make a face pack from the products in your fridge.”

Betes added that the findings of its survey had now led Smart Shoppers UK to introduce a new app for social media site, Facebook – designed to facilitate further the sharing of advice among its members.