The results of a recent report by YouGov SixthSense, a UK-based business intelligence firm, have suggested that social media marketing isn’t always hitting the mark. Indeed, more than a third of those surveyed admitted hiding brand announcements if they are updated too frequently.

Whilst brands are seeing positive interactions from Facebook users, with around 50 percent liking and joining Facebook pages, Twitter users are not as eager to keep up with brands with less than a quarter clicking the follow button. Furthermore, many followers and fans are simply existing customers hoping for promotional benefits.

Nearly half of social network users would be more likely to follow or like a brand with the promise of special offers. Despite this seemingly positive news, it is worth noting that 40 percent of users would stop following or liking a brand that did or said something they didn’t agree with. Yet again, social media marketers have to find the perfect balance for their content.

Many advertising companies have maintained success within traditional media channels. However, the skills and practice required don’t necessarily apply to social media platforms.

James McCoy of YouGov SixthSense said:

“Reaching potential customers through social media is different from traditional media channels. The proportion of Facebook users who are tuning out of brands’ marketing efforts clearly indicates that a savvier approach is needed.”

Whilst these figures may send a slight ripple of worry through the marketing industry, Twitter and Facebook won’t lose any sleep. Facebook has a variety of options for marketers and Twitter can now offer agencies very specific targeting options – ensuring the future remains social.