Retailers fail to personalise email marketing campaigns

PushON | March 7th 2013

Research on the UK’s retail sector, which was conducted by eCircle, has found that over three quarters of the most successful British retailers are failing to capitalise on their digital marketing efforts by not personalising their email marketing campaigns.

With competition for inbox space increasing, the need to personalise marketing emails for customers is of paramount importance.

Simon Bowker of eCircle said:

“Despite increasing pressures, 77 per cent of the top 50 retailers in the UK are failing to deliver tailored marketing. We recently carried out research into the consumer email marketing campaigns of the largest retailers in the UK and discovered the content is largely generic.”

Bowker extols the value of targeting emails, or mobile marketing, for retailers to boost sales. He explains that a consumer receiving a personalised email is more likely to make a purchase and commit to a long-standing relationship with the retailer. Retailers which want to take advantage of the online spending boom need to work hard to ensure their email marketing strategy is effective, focused and personal.

Bowker further explains that the three quarters of businesses not personalising their emails are not only losing sales but missing out on the opportunity to grow brand strength. Indeed, Bowker feels that emails with generic content can damage a retailer’s reputation as consumers become disillusioned with the meaningless emails they receive.

The eCircle report identifies that it is the in the use of data that retail marketers will find their personalised content. Demographics and behaviours collected about customers need to be managed correctly if retailers are to find success with their email marketing.