It’s just one fire. Well two really as two buildings got caught up in it but the fire on Dale Street in Manchester made National news. The main story has been that the city centre ground to a halt due to the location of the fire. What might not be appreciated is that the fire is at the centre of the Northern Quarter which is the heart of Manchesters Digital community. One of our strategic partners, CTISN, have been forced out of their building. We are relived that they are clever chaps as they have a full disaster recovery plan already in place and in effect. As they are one of the few businesses sensible enough to have full off site back up and spare hardware, they will be back in action very soon. Rob at Artisan MC has a fuller picture.

Best of luck to all concerned.

  • Rob Artisan


    CTI will be up and running at 100% by Wednesday, which shows that little bit of forward planning has been more than worth it.

    I am using traditional media and online PR (blogs) to get the message out that CTI has not been badly affected and that prospective clients can be assured that they are capable of fulfilling any contracts without hindrance or distraction.

    Many thanks for your support and please feel free to link into the story to help CTI.


  • PushON

    This will have effected our friends at Stardotstar as well. Looks like they’re safe and sound and have also planned for such an event

    ~Just to reflect what Simon said, best of luck to all concerned~