Hitwise Data Half the company have gone next door for the “Semantic Web and web 3.0” We’re staying in the main room for something a bit more practical with Hitwise. We’re great advocates of organic search having spieled on about organic search vs PPC at length previously.

Apparently 82% of traffic to Amazon is organically generated as opposed to 18% for paid referrals.

Key sectors for 2007:

Net Communities and chat have seen 44% growth, entertainment, 21% growth, news and media 12% growth. Unexpectedly, adult has fallen by 2%. What is the world coming to???

I’m re-assured. 11.28% of site visits are adult related in the uk

It seems that there is growing trend for use of navigational terms, ie people finding particular brands by using search. It’s quicker to type Bebo into a search bar than to type out he full URL.

Google now has 82% of UK originated search. That’s huge

Yahoo 4%

Microsoft 4%

Ask 3%

Though in balance, Microsoft has a huge dominance in tools like online email and Yahoo is good for financials.

Cheapflights gets a special mention for their organic strategy. I believe the wise head that is Craig McGinty has something to do with that.

Do a search for “RAC Route Planner” for some cunning PPC brand pickup work by Expedia. Note how R A C is used instead of RAC. Hmm, doesn’t seem to work any more. Anyway, it was clever. Take my word for it.

  • Wow, always good to see your work recognised by a third party.

    Although it is quite a team working at Cheapflights, and the whole site is a stunning example of natural SEO.

    All the best,

    PS – must agree that Google’s share of search in the UK is eye opening!

  • Hi Simon – it was good to meet you lsst week, and thanks for write up. I was inspired by our conversation to write short piece on Factory records and Manchester here: http://weblogs.hitwise.com/robin-goad/2007/10/control_manchester_and_factory.html

    Thanks, Robin

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  • Danielle West

    Great piece. Where did you get the info on amazon’s seo/ppc split?

  • danielle
    It’s all data from Hitwise. They have access to stuff that we mere mortals can’t get at unless you have something like 12k to 15k (or something like that) spare per seat.