Consumer electronics manufacturer Samsung has announced changes to the interface on its smart TV sets. The alterations are designed to help simplify their operation for users.

Previewing its new development at the recent Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, Samsung admitted that its current smart TV models – which permit viewers access to material directly from the internet – are not sufficiently user friendly when it comes to navigating the additional value added services offered via the sets.

As a result, critics argue, Samsung has missed out on potential revenue from these additional services.

The company says its new, more attractive interface is based on the ability to switch easily between visual panels offering services ranging from on-demand pay TV movies to special apps.

Samsung says it has also introduced a new service – ‘S Recommendations’ – which makes suggestions to viewers based on their previous viewing patterns throughout the day.

In addition, viewers will also now be able to use their sets to purchase copies of clothing items worn by TV stars.

The innovations made by Samsung have been facilitated by an upgrade to the processing equipment contained in the new models. Existing owners of Samsung smart TVs will, however, also be able to benefit from this upgrade by ordering an additional piece of hardware which connects to the back of their set.

Meanwhile at the same electronics show, Samsung has also revealed a proposed new service whereby two viewers can opt to see a different full viewing screen simultaneously – using a combination of special headphones and viewing spectacles.