South Korean tech giant Samsung has unveiled its latest memory module, in a move which will see its smartphones become even more powerful.

As consumer use of mobile devices continues to grow, at almost exponential rates, marketers are continually seeking new ways to deliver to quality content to mobile users. Optimising websites and emails is paying dividends for many but stalls in load time or sites not operating smoothly can lead to consumers clicking away.

For marketers seeking to gain a presence amongst mobile users, Samsung’s unveiling will be welcome news. The company’s new module, which is the world’s first 4GB LPDDR3 DRAM, will be faster and physically thinner, increasing its power and flexibility.

The new memory is closer in architecture to that used in desktop PCs and will help close the gap in performance between the two options. Samsung’s Vice President said:

“Our 20nm-class 4GB mobile DRAM provides another example of our ability to deliver well-differentiated, high-performance, high-density memory to customers in a timely manner.”

The new memory is 100 per cent quicker than the previous offering, an LPDDR2 DRAM module. In addition to the increased speed, the new DRAM module will use less energy, due to its 20nm process technology.

Samsung is hopeful that the new memory modules will provide the speed and power needed for the next wave of feature-packed smartphones to hit the market.

The increase in speed should prove popular with marketers and consumers alike. Consumers are increasingly seeking memory and processor-hungry content; whilst marketers are continually looking to provide engaging content to dazzle consumers.