Panel: Neil Walker (@SEOMad), Martin McDonald (OMD Group), Asif Hassan (MSN EMEA)

Presentation from Asif Hassan

Operate over 350 channels (lifestyle, cars, etc..) in 22 markets with frequently published content. Procedure is very important to MSN EMEA.

Technical Implementation: Teams across the world develop the platform, all of which has to be SEO friendly (including varying types of content; video, images, etc..). Tasks are prioritised and split tested over weeks before roll-out.

Structure: Teams are structured in a way to incorporate SEO “champions”. SEO is considered at every level from training to catch-ups.

Communication: Communication is key. Stakeholders are kept up-to-date, emails are sent to just one person with many people copied.

Challenges: There are a number of challenges to implementing enterprise level SEO across MSN EMEA including; Language, ROI justification, technology and broken link management (for expired/expiring content).

Lessons learned: SEO is everybody’s job, measuring is key, team members must be engaged, successful SEO should be centrally managed.

Presentation from Martin McDonald

Big business will start to pick up on SEO over the next few years. Once big brands get their websites up-to-speed and optimised the SERP landscape will change.

Backlinks are not an issue for enterprise level SEO, “getting shit done” is.

Business leaders don’t care about search, links, etc.. they care about business and selling more. Use of language is important.

Teach search to everyone possible within the organisation, doing this will mean that the entire company will take SEO into account when implementing changes within the business (e.g. website updates). This results in less issues.

e.g. offline marketing with “search for XX on Google” and no organic listings existing.

Choose the right strategy; SEO for branding, brand alignment, demographic seo targeting.