Speakers: Jenny Simpson (Stickyeyes) & Kristal (Welcome to Yorkshire)

Kristal kicks off proceedings talking about Welcome to Yorkshire

  • First FourSquare branded page for local constituency in Europe
  • “They got this because they asked nicely…”
  • Spent a long time uploading tips all over the region
  • Empowering users means that people are using FourSquare – uploading photos, tips etc

Why did they do it?

  • Like to innovate
  • Most popular brand on Foursquare (?) over 9,500 friends on FourSquare
  • Higher level goal of moving Yorkshire online

How did they do it?

  • Trained over 1,000 Welcome to Yorkshire members on social media over 3 months in 2010 – Concentrated on Twitter, Facebook and how to claim their assets on these networks
  • Created a Tumblr account and got members to send pictures of window clings (‘check in here’ on FourSquare stickers)
  • Offered incentives – Free brownie after 5 check ins, 50% off entry

17% of social media users actually use location apps (most people are worried about privacy)

63% of people that are doing this are aiming to engage with big brands (US Stats)

Good points made in discussion:

  • Watch offering coupons too much, some people are devaluing their brands…
  • Voucher sites (and apps) need to look at segmenting their audience (this could be done through location based services…) so that we’re not all getting offered IPL Hair Removal

Good/interesting points by Richard Dennys, Chief Marketing Officer, QYPE

  • Qype buy POI databases on new areas that they move into
  • “You have ‘social status’ people and ‘value seekers’ and they’re very different people. If we can get these people to act the same then we’re winning!”

Jenny Simpson continues proceedings, after arriving late as she was misinformed about start time

  • Multiple touchpoints increases the importance of location
  • Mobile use is a gamechanger – People trust their mobiles as much as they do their laptops (surely more these days?)
  • 95% of smartphone users have searched for local information
  • Ensure that if you’re a brick’n’mortar company then claim your assets! – Search will inevitably continue to get more and more localised in the future…
  • Include your local listing’s are included on your marketing materials – get reviews & attract links!
  • “GroupON’s margins just aren’t realistic for travel…”
  • International Localisation, don’t be lost in translation – ‘Apres-Ski’ doesn’t translate the same or hold the same meaning
  • Local can drive PR and Social Media campaigns – Press releases should include location, people will pick up on this