Panel: Simon Wharton (PushON), Paul Cooper (Brilliant Media), Gareth Owen (Steak Digital), Rishi Lakhani (@rishil)

Presentation from Paul from Brilliant Media “Turning share of voice into share of traffic”:

The internet can help us segment users, however we don’t use it effectively.

Using local, ppc, sitelinks and other universal search elements enables us to own a greater amount of real estate on the SERP.

Question: What are your views on the new legislation regarding using cookies?
Paul: We’re waiting to see what happens, if we can’t use cookies then we’re screwed.
Rishi: Cookie legislation is unenforceable, see Dave N’s blog post.
Simon: Do you think that this legislation may make us less competitive as a country?
Rishi: Agrees.

Question: What are you pro-actively doing regarding the cookie legislation?
Gareth: Speaking to larger clients, they’re most likely to be hit by any legislation and advising them that they should get the ball rolling.
Rishi: Looking at email marketing options, inbound marketing will not be effective. Also looking at alternatives such as IP targeting.

Question: How are you trying to use mobile and the ever-developing “I want it now” culture?
Gareth: Trying to get more like amazon, one-click buying, creating mobile enabled websites. Devices such as the iPad are a great opportunity to give a great user experience.
Paul: It depends on the type of retailer; if you’re a store based retailed then typically users are already in the purchase cycle and are using mobile to either re-visit or reserve products.
Rishi: It’s not just about mobile, people are getting more impatient – it’s now more important to quickly determine what stage in the purchase cycle the user is in (behavioural targeting).

Question: would it be safe to say that this is the year of the mobile we’ve been waiting for?
Rishi: We’re passed that, we have internet enabled devices like the iPad, etc.. but definitely.

Question: does anyone have any opinion about barriers to entry for mobile apps?
Rishi: Developers are becoming smarter and more adaptable.
Gareth: We’re advising people not to focus on building apps for the sake of it, you have to download an app, a mobile website can be cross-platform.
Audience: Trip Advisor direct mobile visitors on the main website to a mobile version of the site, then encourage them to download the mobile-specific app.

Simon: Often clients are focussed on Facebook Likes, RT’s, etc.., how do we educate them?
Paul: Ask the client if its worth it?
Rishi: It depends what the clients objective is – do they want branding or selling? Facebook is a great place for obtaining research.
Audience: All social is another connector,
Rishi: Search engines are not filtering fake likes, they may be looking at the profile history. Google is definitely using social as an influencer. A lot of people are logged into their Google Account and will see influences through their social circle.
Audience: Fake likes/RT’s are illegal.
Rishi: Yes, its possible but big brands should not be doing it – they should leverage their brand and resources. If you want to make a quick buck through affiliate marketing, its worth looking at. Yes social media will loose some of its value over time, but at the moment its working.
Gareth: It’s a good test of your brand proposition, if you’re operating in a niche you can see how people react and engage.
Paul: It’s hard when it moves away from niche to get users to engage as products become more generic.
Rishi: At the end of the day, you have research, data – be creative, we’re all marketers.

Question: How will Google start to weed out fake accounts?
Gareth: Google will start to look at the history of Google Profiles, they’ve been trying to do it for a while.